Miao Wenzhuang--Department of sport

Name Miao Wenzhuang

Title Associate Professor

Departments Department of sport

Research direction Physical Education

Office Under the Stadium Stands

Office Phone 83336973

E-mail miao_19591231@aliyun.com

Educational Background

1979.9--1983.7P.E Department of Tianjin Institute of Physical Educationbachelor's degree

Work experience

SinceJanuary 2014, Served as a teacher of Tianjin Medical University Department of Physical Education,

September 2000 toAugust2003,Served as a coach of Tokyo Living Culture Club in Japan,

October1998 to September 2000,Studied in Nagasaki University,

August 1983 to October 1998,ServedasateacherofTianjinMedicalUniversityDepartmentofPhysicalEducation


Research achievements (I had a representative of the papers,and presided over the research projects.)

Treatises and compilation

In September 2008,Served as associate editor of the Sports and Health.Compose the preparation of the third chapter and the fourth chapter, the eighth chapter of the 4, 5, 6, a total of 100 thousand words.

InDecember 2008,ServedasassociateeditoroftheSports Game Design and Organization.ComposethepreparationofSports Games Skills and Procedures, Sports Game Teaching, Basketball Gamesatotalof50thousandwords.

In 1996, independently completed Medical University Of Tianjin Students Physical Function Quality Form Analysis Journal of Tianjin University of Sport (Supplement), and won the Tianjin college students physique research paper three prize.

In March 1996, independently Deepening the Reform of Sports to Promote the Development of Students physical quality journal of Medical University Of Tianjin.

May 2005, published the Study on the Teaching Reform of Evaluation Methods of Physical Education in Colleges and Universities in the Tianjin Institute of the second author.


In June 2007, thefirstauthor ofTable Tennis Training in the Low Intensity on the ImmuneFunction of Male College StudentsInstitute of Physical Education

In May 2008, independently completed the Construction Management Platform for Efficient Digital Sports Teaching Physical Education Journal China

In April 2009,independently completed the study of the application of the combination of Reading Training and Multi Ball Training in table tennis teaching in Colleges and Universities

Research projects

In September 2007,Work as Thethirdparticipant of the Tianjin Education Science 11th Five-Year plan project, the City University to promote the implementation of the national fitness program

In September 2008,the subject wasidentified by experts

Honors and awards

In 2005 and 2007, Won the title of Excellent Coach of Tianjin CollegeStudents Table Tennis Competition

In 2006, Ratedasadvancedindividuals

in the Eighth National University Swimming Championships

In April 2009,Was awarded the first prize of the second China Quality Education Research and awarded the Advanced Worker of Quality Education

In September 2012,Won the third prize in ninth session of the three People's Republic of China University Games scientific papers conference

Participated in the national and Tianjin sports competition referee work many times

Has been awarded the national table tennis referee, national first class track and field and orienteering referees



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