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Curriculum Vitae


Wen Zhang, M.M.

Wen Zhang, MM

Assistant Experimentalist

Department of Rehabilitation Medicine

Tianjin Medical University

22 Qixiangtai Road

Tianjin 300070

Phone: 022-83336977

Email: chloe0202@126.com



B.S.Tianjin Medical University, Tianjin, China, 2012

M.M.Tianjin Medical University, Tianjin, China, 2015

Professional Experience

2015-Assistant Experimentalist, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Tianjin Medical University, Tianjin, China


1. 2012 Excellent Paper Award of the 4th Academic Conference of Rehabilitation Medicine Association of Tianjin on December 21, Tianjin, China;

2. 2013 Poster Award of the 7th World Congress of the International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine on June 20, Beijing, China;

3. NationalScholarshipfor Outstanding GraduateStudentsin 2013. Tianjin Medical University;

4. 2016 Excellent Paper Award of the 11th Beijing International Forum on Rehabilitation on December 21, Beijing, China.

Professional Service

Membership of Academic Society

China Heart Association (Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Rehabilitation Science Council)

Invited lectures




1. Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Physical Therapy: Evidence to Practice (Chinese), Associate Editor, 2017,Beijing Science and Technology Press;

2. Exercise for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Treatment: From Molecular to Clinical, Part 2 (English), Coeditor, 2017, Springer Nature Press.


Publication (只填写英文论文即可)

1. Peipei Han, Hairui YuYixuan MaLi KangLiyuan FuLiye Jia, Xiaoyu ChenXing YuLin Hou, Lu Wang, Wen Zhang, Haifang YinKaijun Niu, and Qi Guo. The increased risk of sarcopenia in patients with cardiovascular risk factors in Suburb-Dwelling older Chinese using the AWGS definition. Scientific Report. 2017,29;7(1);

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1. 01/2017-12/2019Project of Natural Science Foundation of China, The Role of mTOR Related Autophagy in Skeletal Muscle Satellite Cell Transplantation Preventing Sarcopenia;

2. 10/2016-09/2018 Major Project of Chronic Disease Prevention and Control in Tianjin Educational Commission, Establishment of Three Stage Clinical Rehabilitation and Treatment System for Coronary Heart Disease;


1. 05/2015 -02/2016Tianjin Medical Insurance Research Project, Investigation on the Resources of Rehabilitation in Tianjin;

2. 01/2015 -12/2016Project of Binhai New Area Health Bureau, Establishment of Screening Index of on the Elderly Patients with Sarcopenia;

3. 06/2014-05/2016Project of Tianjin HealthandFamilyPlanningCommission, Establishment of index of physical and mental health examination in the elderly;

4. 01/2014 -12/2017Project of Natural Science Foundation of China, Effect of Muscle Satellite Cell Transplantation Model on the Elderly Patients with Sarcopenia;

5. 11/2012-10/2015Project of Tianjin Educational Commission, Research of Exercise Prescription of Pre-diabetes Group




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