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Yiying Lian, M.D., Ph.D.

Yiying Lian, MD,PhD


Department of Rehabilitation Medicine

Tianjin Medical University

22 Qixiangtai Road

Tianjin 300070

Phone: +86-22-83336799

Email: lianyy@126.com



MDBeijing Sports University, Beijing, China, 2006

Ph.D.Beijing Sports University, Beijing, China, 2013

Professional Experience

2006-Lecturer, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Tianjin Medical University, Tianjin, China


1. Excellent advisor for Tianjin Medical University in 2013-2014, 2015-2016.

2. Excellent instructor for Summer Social Practice of Tianjin Medical University in 2015.

3.Third-class prize for The 13th Teaching Basic Skills Competition of Junior Faculty in Tianjin Medical University

4.Excellent instructor for Challenge Cup Science and Technology College of extra-curricular academic competition of Tianjin Medical University in 2017.

5.Second Prize for Scientific Report Conference of the 13th Student Sports Games of the People’s Republic of China

Professional Service


Reviewer for:



Membership of Academic Society

Memberof Cardiovascular Disease prevention and Rehabilitation Medicine Committee of ChineseHeartAssociation

Memberof Geriatric Rehabilitation Committee of Tianjin Rehabilitation Medicine Association

Invited lectures




Physicaland Nutrition Recovery(Chinese) ,Editorial Board, 2010, The Beijing Sports University Press


Publication (只填写英文论文即可)


ZhenzhengWang,Yiying Lian.The Effect Of Different Exercise Patterns On The Low-grade Systemic Pro-inflammatory Markers In Postmenopausal Women. MEDICINE & SCIENCE IN SPORTS & EXERCISE. Vol. 46 No. 5S98








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